Fostering Innovation through
Advanced Digital Product Engineering Capabilities

“NutaNXT has a singular focus on helping our start-up and enterprise customers build the best
AI and Data-driven products and solutions across industry verticals”

In every project, we combine our advanced Digital Product Engineering strengths with core technology capabilities across Data, AI and Cloud to deliver high-quality, cost-effective solutions. NutaNXT invests significant time to build the best technical talent across each of our five core offerings below, where our engineers bring a deep sense of product innovation, problem solving and customer commitment that is ingrained in our culture.

AI/ML Product Engineering

We partner with our clients to build, test and rapidly improve machine learning models using key programming languages such as Python and R and build recommendation engines and scoring models based on advanced machine learning technologies. Our teams work with the most advanced AI and ML platforms, tools and development environments supported by robust data analytics and cloud capabilities to help our clients achieve the speed and scale required to dramatically accelerate product development.

Our ML based advanced analytics solutions blend data and insights with product engineering processes to help clients build differentiated products. For instance, by deploying technologies such as Apache Spark, we help design multiple data lake zones that store raw data in the original state for further analysis and processing. Our data analysts and scientists work closely with clients to build comprehensive big data analytics solutions by leveraging our core capabilities in data engineering, data lake implementation and big data platform deployments.

Data Engineering and Analytics

Cloud Modernization & DevOps

Our Cloud & DevOps team comes with extensive experience in native cloud migration, cloud orchestration and cloud-centric DevOps automation to accelerate product development and software delivery at scale. We help clients fully exploit IaaS and PaaS services though cloud modernization by providing comprehensive services and support across deployment, migration and application modernization. Our cloud modernization framework facilitates seamless migrations from legacy systems to advanced solutions that are more effective and responsive to changing business needs.

We combine advanced analytics and state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and chat bot platform capabilities to build robust conversational AI platforms that help our clients transform digital customer experiences. Our top-notch solutions are geared to enable clients to improve digital customer acquisition and retention, enhance customer loyalty and deliver scalable solutions that can drive business impact through automation of high volume customer interactions.

Conversational AI

Mobile Apps with AI/ML

Our advanced solutions are based on interactive app development and agile processes to cater to our clients’ diverse business needs. We build robust omnichannel app architectures to design next-gen apps that provide consistent customer experiences across multiple devices. We understand the importance of UX design and UI development capabilities in the context of holistic Experience Design for responsive, engaging apps targeted to drive measurable improvement in customer engagement and lead generation metrics.

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