Case Study

UI and UX of Applications

Data and AI powered Interactive Mobile Application

NutaNXT built a mobile application which included the power of AI and core functions of NLP to run complex AI/ML algorithms, scan barcodes and enable real time location based tracking.

Client Introduction

A US based client was in need of a mobile application that could enable users to access more predictive, proactive insights and be capable of making autonomous decisions with least human intervention.

Technologies Used By NutaNXT

  • AI & ML solutions
  • Mobile Application
  • Amazon Web Services

Use Case Applicable To Verticals

  • CPG
  • Supply Chain
  • Manufacturing

Test Duration

12 Hours







The client needed an intelligent mobile application which could process and analyze data while being offline.

Problem statement with the client was:

  • Handle large volumes of IOT data and run advanced AI/ML algorithms.
  • Compare products from single lot sizes or across multiple batches and provide instant results.

Team we built

  • 1
  • Data Scientist
  • 1
  • Cloud Architect
  • 2
  • Android Developers
  • 1
  • Python Developer

Our Solution

Our team built a cross platform mobile application that runs on front-end Android OS and with backend processing in AWS.

  • The app could transact large volumes of IOT data as input, to a sophisticated Python based predictive model operating in the app, even when offline.
  • The app could share the derived insights and predictions as a result for users to consume.

Test Duration

Reduced To

20 Sec




Workflow Reduced To


Business Impact and Results

The application enabled the end users to make instant decisions rendering an improved customer experience to them, leading to revenue enhancement from the process.

  • 20 seconds duration to receive each test result
  • 5% human-centric workflow

More Works

From MVP to end-to-end digital products, our culture of intelligent innovation and engineering excellence have solved complex Digital Product Engineering challenges and delivered maximum business ROI for our clients.