How We Create

Practicing Continuous Digital Engineering
Methodology and Agile Processes


We understand the importance of speed and agility in the digital product development cycles for our customers. Our Continuous Digital Engineering methodology NutaPRAXIS™ integrates our digital engineering capabilities through cross-domain PODs to help clients accelerate consistent and predictable quality of delivery at every step of the digital product development life cycle.


Our NutaPRAXIS™ methodology is a discipline of continuous product evolution practiced by our multiple cross domain PODs to address specific digital business and scalability needs of our clients. Nuta Praxis is designed to accelerate every phase of the digital product engineering life cycle from ideation to recreation delivering highly tangible benefits.

We partner with product innovation teams of our clients at the earliest stages of Ideation to assess market need, create product designs, conduct product feasibility studies, formulate a product roadmap and execute rapid prototyping cycles. NutaNXT brings unique product consulting expertise to help you further crystallize your vision and speed up product innovation through insightful user and market data, high impact use cases and build compelling PoCs and prototypes through our multidisciplinary PODs.

Case Study

Prototypes & Proof of Concepts

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We understand the need for balancing quality, schedules and cost at every phase of your product development lifecycle. NutaNXT multi-disciplinary PODs help you build the most viable product with accelerated timelines at the most efficient product development cost. Based on the product blueprint, our engineering PODs combine data-driven business processes, and AI & ML engineering to help our start-up and enterprise clients build advanced AI I ML powered, Data-driven software functionality as a core differentiator for their products.

Case Study

AI Powered Automated Credit Scoring for Loan Approvals

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We mitigate business risks through a comprehensive testing process, tools and frameworks to ensure delivery of benchmark products. Our innovative Quality Assurance(QA) strategies decrease time to market of the products and reduce the risk inherent in the digital user journeys for any product. Our goal is to leverage data and insights to craft innovative, seamless and contextual omni-channel delivery and experience across product journeys leading to predictable improvement in customer adoption and experience.

Case Study

Predictive Lead Scoring By ML Automation

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We accelerate continuous product delivery to shift from optimization and improvement to agility and innovation. We combine the best technologies to improve continuous integration, to scale and deliver consistent cross-channel experiences for client’s products. We advise our clients with scaling strategy on the right opportunities to grow and right moments to sustain. we implement an ecosystem that provides scalability, security, performance and adaptability through flawless integration of complex architecture models, microservices and API management.

Case Study

DevOps And Cloud Automation For AI/ML Based Solution

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Our PODs focus on evolving existing applications and helping our clients improve the value of their digital products over time by aligning business needs with a perfect mix of emerging technologies and new market trends. Whether our clients need transforming a legacy, on-premise software into a scalable online application, or retrofitting digital applications needing shifts with time, we are the right partner to infuse innovation into existing products to create continuous engagement among our client’s end users and maximize the digital product value.

Case Study

Data Lake for Fintech Firm Using AWS

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We are driven by a culture of innovation and technology fitness that enables us to take ownership and create digitally accelerated software products. We are self-driven as cross-domain PODs guided by NutaPRAXIS, and focused on delivering – the ‘NXT New’ for our Digital clients.


Our clients are central to our entire framework and delivery process which is purpose-built to help clients to launch their digital products on schedule and efficiently scale them. Our PODs are designed to deliver speed through agile integration of cross disciplinary capabilities, offering clients complete control over development cost, and product engineering process.


Blend ideas, consulting, delivery and management using emerging technology stacks.


Practice of continuous innovation is ingrained in our agile culture of delivering digital products faster.


Combines cross-domain capabilities as a seamless extension of your inhouse product teams.


Ensure complete flexibility and control over your digital product roadmap and resources.