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About NutaNXT and Snowflake Partnership

NutaNXT is a leading Snowflake Services partner focused on combining advanced cloud data migration and implementation capabilities to make your Snowflake Data Cloud journey seamless.

Snowflake’s unique technology powers the Data Cloud, for enterprises mobilizing their data at near-infinite scale, concurrency, and performance. NutaNXT is proud to be a Snowflake Service Partner and provide a complete suite of Snowflake services to help you plan, optimize and efficiently implement precise Snowflake solutions to drive the best RoI. Our rapidly growing Snowflake Practice boasts experienced Snowflake consultants and Snowpro-certified engineers with a cross-domain technology foundation across Data Cloud, AI and Predictive Analytics.

What We Offer

We bring a spectrum of data engineering and advanced analytics capabilities to help clients build customized, data-driven solutions to enhance revenue, profitability and operational efficiency.

Snowflake Consulting

Develop a comprehensive plan with us for your Snowflake transformation, including building a solid business case, creating a time-bound migration strategy, designing an effective architecture, and defining precise project goals, while optimising program cost & timeline. We build an efficient and effective data ecosystem that drives better business outcomes.

Snowflake Migration

Power and de-risk your data modernization initiatives with our advanced migration capabilities and tools designed to guide you through the migration process from legacy data platforms to Snowflake. We address every detail of the migration journey, ensuring a seamless and timely transition with minimal disruption to your business operations.

Snowflake Engineering

Build with us end-to-end data pipelines and applications that leverage the power of Snowflake, using Cloud-native Architecture principles to ensure a modern, scalable solution aligned with your business value. Take advantage of optimized performance that enables seamless data-to-insights processing.

Snowflake Operations

Partner with us to optimize your Snowflake Data Cloud to deliver a comprehensive approach to optimizing operations throughout the data value chain, ensuring that crucial parameters such as data quality, performance, cost, and security threats are fully optimized and ready to support your critical data operations.


NutaNXT houses certified Snowflake Specialists, Data engineering Practitioners, and Cloud Experts to help you establish, migrate, or precisely and cost-efficiently implement Snowflake in your Data Stack.

No matter what stage of the Data Modernization journey you are at, our customised Snowflake solutions and advanced capabilities and tools can help you do more with less. Whether you are looking to improve project outcomes or bring in specific Snowflake capabilities, we are committed to making your Snowflake journey successful. As your trusted Snowflake partner, we deliver specific solutions for milestones in your Data journey across four key areas below to make your Snowflake adoption seamless.

Snowflake Consulting

  • Architecture Implementation Consulting and Roadmap Design
  • Data Integration & Migration Strategy
  • Data Lake & Data Warehouse Consulting
  • Snowflake Environment Setup & Demonstration
  • Pilot PoC’s

De-risk Snowflake Migration

  • Seamless Data Migration from SQL, Oracle, Teradata, SAP or any legacy system to Snowflake.
  • Data source Identification and implementation of data protection & privacy.
  • Data governance as a proactive framework for managing risk.
  • Optimize Snowflake Database Migration costs with advanced monitoring tools, pre-built queries and customized alerts.
  • Employ MLOps and DataOps for data management.

Snowflake Automation & Ops

  • Data Automation from design through operation, building connectors to automate the coding effort with effective ETL Jobs monitoring.
  • Improve developer productivity by removing repetitive, time-intensive tasks.
  • Data Sharing and Monetization.
  • Cost Control and Cloud Management

Snowflake-powered Products & Solutions

  • Data Architecture Strategy.
  • Connect with Multiple Data Sources.
  • Connect with any Visualization Platform.
  • Automatic database management.
  • Cross-Cloud Deployment Capabilities.
  • Cost-effective storage pricing.
  • High availability data protection and data retention.

Talk to our Snowflake Experts to accelerate your data journey today!