Agility and Scale
are fundamental to
Our unique Approach

Our unique approach involves combining 3 core building blocks – Studios, PODs and Theatres to deliver differentiated customer experiences for the New AI World.




At NutaNXT, we take a user-centric approach to design and product development and therefore, we believe it is important to bring user insights and a detailed understanding of how users will adopt a particular AI product, very early into the Product Design phases. When engineering and design come together to meet scale, the outcome could be a compelling product with a great user experience.


  • A group of specialists who share knowledge, tools, processes, best practices etc.
  • A Studio lead, domain experts and consultants.
  • Its own unique set of offerings for customers.
  • Well defined processes and practices to hire, train and retain the best talent.

Explore our Studios

Our Studios are a community of some of the brightest minds in technology with deep domain expertise in a particular Technology domain. Through Studios we connect and rapidly develop talent to deliver to customers’ needs.

AI Studio

Human-centric Cognitive Systems, Advanced Data Analytics, Conversational AI

Cloud Ops Studio

Consulting, Cloud Architecture & Design, DevOps, Cloud Analytics

Experience Design Studio

Consulting & Advisory, Customer Experience Design, Re-imagination and Transformation


PODs are customer dedicated innovation teams. Selected experts from different Studios come together to form a POD, to deliver to the customer needs or to solve a complex problem. They combine disciplines to build products for customers.

  • PODs combine our AI expertise with business knowledge from the Customer to bring products faster to market.
  • Higher Productivity – Technology, Process and Product maturity
  • Agility – is more than a process. It’s part of our culture and everything we do to improve the speed at which we deliver.


Theatre is a Dedicated Customer innovation center (NutaNXT managed, customer owned) with multiple PODs and dedicated infrastructure, designed to address specific business and scalability needs of a customer.

AI Theatre

Our flagship offering to customers looking for a R&D partner to deliver products faster for the AI world.

Scaling with
Studios, PODs and Theatres

Our approach is specifically designed to help customers build innovative AI products and solutions at breakthrough speed. We are passionate about helping customers hyper-accelerate their AI journey – whether it is designing a new Cognitive system or improving an existing ML algorithm or building future customer experiences with application of AI.

Our world-class Studios bring together deep Design, AI and Cloud capabilities and enable us to build cross-domain PODs for you in weeks or even days. Coupled with our Studios and PODs, we combine our S2C2 Innovation Framework to build dedicated Theatres to enable customers to scale very rapidly. We make it possible for customers to own a AI Theatre without the need to manage it.

Experience working with NutaNXT

Experienced Partner

In-depth experience with Technology Product businesses and track record of building large cross-domain engineering and design teams for global companies and scaling start-ups.

Deep understanding of Software Product Engineering and Design-led approach to building differentiated AI solutions.

Global Presence

Leverage NutaNXT’s experience and presence in Innovation Hubs across US ( Bay Area, Los Angeles Area) and India(Pune) to accelerate your Product Innovation.

Provides a strong foundation for attracting, retaining the best AI, Design and Software Engineering talent in the industry.

Speed + Scale + Control + Culture = AI Competitive Advantage

Complete control over Quality and Cost(similar to your Captive unit) along with the Agility, Flexibility and Speed of an experienced design and software partner.

Our unique model enables clients to free-up management bandwidth from managing and operating a captive centre while retaining the benefits of Control and Culture of a captive.

Integrated AI + Design + Cloud Capabilities = Speed

Seamlessly integrate cross-domain capabilities and turn acceleration (Speed) into a Competitive Advantage for clients.

Intensely focused on delivering strategic outcomes for customers beyond product development – extending to customer demos, enabling early revenues.